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Export Packing & Storage Containers In Melbourne

Here at MCT we provide the complete container transport service including expert export packing services. We will ensure that your container is packed perfectly for the trip so that you can be sure that no matter what the contents, no matter where it is going, it will get there safe and sound.

When you are exporting you need to know that everything you are sending will arrive intact. It is a fundamental aspect of the process. This is where MCT comes in. We bring many years of container transport experience to the job. We know what is required to ensure that the contents of the container are securely packaged so that they make the transit in excellent condition.

While firms may have a general understanding of what is required for packing their products, materials, items or components for transport, we are able to provide the expertise regarding international container export. This is a different situation as these containers will traverse the planet, crossing some of the most intense oceans in extreme conditions aboard huge cargo ships. They will be move and stacked in ports around the world and will pass through a number of hands before they reach their destination.

With MCT you can be sure that your goods will be packed right for the trip. Make sure that they get there in the right condition. We can help, make use of our export packing services.