Standard Skel Trailer

Side Loader

SKEL Trailer Hire & Transport Services

Are you looking for a SKEL trailer for hire? We have standard trailers that take open toppers, tanks, reefers or flat rack containers so that whatever you need we can supply it for you. We specialise in container delivery and pick-up so you can have a container delivered to your premises to pack and we will see that it gets safely to its destination whether that is interstate or overseas. Your goods are safe with us as we offer top quality service.

We will also pick up a full container from the wharf and deliver it to your work premises where it can be unloaded. In fact, it is a good idea to give us the whole job of carting your goods to and fro no matter where they come from or go to. Our company has international reach and we will look after your goods from beginning to end so you won’t have to worry about them.

Whether you want a 40 ft container or a 20 ft container we can supply it. We take care of all the many facets of sending or receiving goods in containers and if they are to go overseas We can assist you with a broker or agent to suit your specific needs. We have had a great deal of experience at home and overseas so no matter where your goods are going to, contact us today.